Diversity Enhancement Funding

The Office for Diversity and Inclusion receives an annual limited budget to support campus diversity initiatives and programming that create an inclusive and welcoming campus. Proposals may include but are not limited to:

  • Guest speakers
  • Cultural celebrations
  • Students’ ceremonies
  • Performances
  • Film screenings

Collaborative projects are highly encouraged.

*Will you fund conferences?


Applicants are encouraged to prioritize program requests to include the most relevant or important program as limited funding is available. Recipients generally receive an annual one time sponsorship. *Do you want to put in a number range?


Proposals will be accepted from all UConn students, faculty, staff, administrators, departments, academic programs, and student organizations.

Application requirement

The successful application will have the following features:

  • Event information with title, date, time, location, and event description;
  • A summary describing how the event will enhance diversity, inclusion, and improve the climate of our campus;
  • An itemized budget (funding will not include alcoholic beverages *Do you want this in here?);
  • Amount requested;
  • A list of other funding sources solicited and secured; and
  • Your UConn code information *KFS number?


If your application is accepted for funding, the following requirements must be observed:

  • Funding must be used for the event requested in the online funding request form budget;
  • The Office for Diversity and Inclusion will be listed as a sponsor on all marketing materials for the event in which funding is approved; and
  • Recipients of ODI funding will submit a report within 30 days of the program completion with attendance information, evaluation, and summary of the event.