Events & Series

Events Calendar

  1. 10/1AMP Time!
  1. 10/2AsACC Staff Meetings
  1. 10/5Queer Objects: Intimacy, Citizenship, and Rescue in Kenya
  1. 10/5Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships For New Americans – Information Session
  1. 10/5PAC Meetings
  1. 10/5AMP Time!
  1. 10/5De-Stress Night
  1. 10/6Faculty Discussion On How To Be An Anti- Racist
  1. 10/6The Feminization Of Transgender Women In Prisons For Men: How Prison As A Total Institution Shapes Gender
  1. 10/6Latinx/a/o Heritage Month Keynote Speaker
  1. 10/7El Voto Latino
  1. 10/8Race, Voter Suppression And The Myth Of Democracy In The U.S.
  1. 10/14Ford Foundation Fellowship Information Session And Q&A
  1. 10/14AMP Time!
  1. 10/16AsACC Staff Meetings
  1. 10/19Is The University Colonial?: Critical Conversations On Its Past
  1. 10/19LGBTQ+ Center Awareness Day
  1. 10/19PAC Meetings
  1. 10/19The Vote Part 1– Film Discussion (View Film Prior)
  1. 10/22AMP Time!
  1. 10/23Drag Bingo
  1. 10/26The Vote Part 2– Film Discussion (View Film Prior)
  1. 10/26AMP Time!
  1. 10/27Legally And Medically Trans
  1. 10/30AsACC Staff Meetings