President’s Letter

The University of Connecticut has come a long way since it was founded in 1881.  When we began, the University only let in male students – and it took more than thirty years before the UConn admitted its first student of color.  Since then, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) have become crucial to UConn. DEIJ, in fact, is now one of the University’s core values.  It is critical to the education we offer and central to the UConn student experience.  I am proud to affirm that DEIJ matters at UConn.

Launching this DEIJ website is one of the University’s steps to affirming that every member of the UConn community is equal, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or nationality.  We value the members of each and every one of the diverse communities that make UConn great.  This website not only serves to affirm your belonging, but also provides a place where the University can celebrate the contributions each diverse community makes to the UConn culture.

The website also helps the University community recognize that, despite our progress, we still have work to do in transforming the climate on each of our campuses.  To that end, UConn administration has identified three priority areas for improving and strengthening the University’s DEIJ climate:

  1. Adding significantly to the diversity of our faculty and staff;
  2. Supporting an ecosystem in which we can confront difficult truths and promote important conversations about race and identity; and
  3. Add training that focuses on racial literacy and responsive approaches for our managers and leaders.

The University of Connecticut believes in the value and values of DEIJ.  We have no tolerance for discrimination and believe that empathy and education will help root it out.  UConn has a strong history of supporting human rights; we believe that equality is inextricably linked to those rights.

As we work to transform our campus spaces, I want to remind you that the University’s greatest strength is you.  Each and every one of you contributes something to our University community that helps make it a national leader.  As we continue to strengthen our community through DEIJ values, we are mindful that transformation begins within – and that you have the capacity to transform our University and the world.  DEIJ values remain at the heart of our work at the University of Connecticut, and this website will help monitor that work’s pulse.


Dr. Andy Agwunobi
Interim President & CEO of UConn Health