Safety, Support, and Wellness

The University of Connecticut believes that diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice make the University stronger.  Fostering a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and justice-oriented environment improves the living, learning, and working conditions for all members of the UConn community.  These conditions, in turn, enhance the ability to thrive for every member of our community.

We recognize that the only way to create and maintain these conditions is by ensuring the safety, health, and wellness for each and every member of the UConn community.  We are committed to creating policies and practices that support greater safety, health, and wellness.  We recognize, however, that creating policies and practices is only a first step; we must also ensuring that each and every member of our community both is safe and feels safe.  The feeling of safety eliminates a substantial barrier to everyday life for many members of our community.

UConn is dedicated to improving living, learning, and working conditions at the University. The resources on this page will help you access our many resources for health, wellness, and safety.