Resilience and Overcoming Failure

Chuk is a Nigerian-American entrepreneur and investor, laser-focused on leveraging technology to solve today's systemic problems for a more equitable & inclusive future.


He is the co-founder & CEO of Humblebrag, an early-stage deal discovery platform that makes it easy for scouts to get compensated and funders to find nascent deals before anyone else. In addition to that, Chukwudi is the Managing Director of Binghamton Alumni Angels, the Binghamton University alumni investment network. He is also an active angel investor that has co-invested with notable investors Bill Trenchard, Naval Ravikant, Arlan Hamilton, and Marc Randolph. He's been recognized by Ernst & Young, FindSpark,, LinkedIn, Notley, the MiSK Foundation, the United Nations Development Programme, the United States Senate, and Venture For America for his leadership and innovation.

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