Voices By Mackenzie Doss (4/14, 4/15, 4/16)

Mackenzie Doss, Voices

Voices explores how the stories we tell ourselves often become our reality, and one woman’s journey to take control of her inner narrator and breathe life into new identities. Voices incorporates puppetry representing how we can speak to ourselves in ways both gentle and violent, and how that language colors our lives. Join Sarah, a down-on-her-luck journalist who finds herself alone with her thoughts in a mic night venue she’s supposed to be writing about in a few hours’ time. Cue the “voices.” The audience enters the ethereal and abstract world of Sarah’s mind as she navigates her mental landscape in search of shelter.

Tickets for Voices will be pay-what-you-can, with all proceeds to be given to the UCONN Women's Centers' 100 Years of Women Scholarship Fund. The Scholarship supports an incoming UConn student, or current student who, as a role model or advocate, has advanced the role and contributions of women in society. What better way to spend a night out than entertainment and enrichment? We lift each other in our own ways as best we can and hope you’ll join us for a night of abstract theatre in support of a deserving student’s continued education. Recommended for ages 12+. Seating will be cafe style and will be first come, first served. Tickets are available at https://bimp.ticketleap.com/voices/dates