Helen Zia: 40th Commemoration of Vincent Chin Case

Helen Zia

2022 marks the 40th Anniversary of the Vincent Chin case. Chin, an American of Chinese descent, was beat to death by two autoworkers who attacked him over their frustrations about the Japanese automotive industry's success in the US. The two autoworkers misidentified Chin as Japanese and used anti-Asian slurs when attacking him.

Chin's murder is a pivotal moment in the fight for Asian American civil rights in the United States. Unfortunately, the murder was met with little legislative or judicial action; his two attackers pled to manslaughter and paid a $3,000 fine. They did not serve jail time and eventually had their convictions vacated. The killing, and lack of justice for Chin, galvanized Asian Americans across the country. His story -- and the story of this fight for civil rights -- remains important today in the face of increased incidents of anti-Asian violence and harassment connected to the pandemic.

To commemorate this fight for justice, the Asian American Cultural Center (AsACC) and The Asian and Asian American Studies Institute have invited Helen Zia to speak.

This in-person event will be on Tuesday, October 4th, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at the Hartford Campus's Infinity Hall. No RSVP required